Eleven children and one TV! The Loud House S1 Ep1: Left in the dark

I’d heard good things about Nickelodeon’s ‘The Loud House’ – the animated adventures of eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud, the only boy in a house with ten sisters. Luckily for me the very first episode is available on the Nickelodeon app, so I could see how it all began.

The series starts with Lincoln crossing the days off his calendar until he can watch the new series of his favourite TV show – ‘Academy of Really Good Ghost Hunters’, or ARGGH for short. He walkie-talkies his best friend Clyde to make sure they’re all ready to watch it.

The fact that they use walkie-talkies instead of mobile phones somehow adds to the appeal of this show, making it seem more old-fashioned and wholesome. And it’s not as if mobile phones don’t exist in this universe – several of the Loud sisters are seen with phones and even use them to upload videos to social media. I’m not going to feature on Reddit’s ‘PhonesAreBad’ forum any time soon, but it does make me feel old when tweenagers on Game Shakers casually use tablets like it’s no big deal. Get off my lawn you meddling kids!

It’s this old-fashioned quirkiness that sets up the tension in this episode – for some unknown reason this family of eleven children only has one television. And all ten of Lincoln’s sisters want to watch it at the same time ARGGH is on. Oh no! I wonder if this is a common problem that young viewers can relate to nowadays? I’m watching this episode on my phone in my bedroom and my TV doesn’t even show live broadcasting anymore – and I’m over double the age of this programme’s target audience (don’t I know it…).

Luckily for Lincoln, each sister has a particular interest that he can appeal to in order to distract them from the TV. They also conveniently give the viewer an insight into each girl’s unique personality. They are:

  • Lola: Tea parties
  • Lana: Frogs
  • Luan: Social media
  • Lisa: Science
  • Lynn: Sports
  • Leni: Beauty
  • Luna: Music
  • Lori: Boys
  • Lily: Sleep

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that this is only nine people. Lincoln has forgotten the tenth Loud sister, Lucy, a goth who needs the TV to watch her favourite show ‘Vampires and Melancholia’. Lincoln suggests that her programme would be more atmospheric on their old black and white TV, but when they plug it in it causes a power cut.

In a quest to flip the circuit breaker Lincoln leads his ten sisters into the dark basement using the night vision setting on Luan’s camera. After being frightened by some scary shadows they pull the switch and race to the TV, but by this time ARGGH is over. But Lincoln doesn’t mind that he didn’t get to see his ghost hunting show, because he got to share a real-life spooky experience in the basement with his sisters.

The Loud House is a refreshing break from some of the more obnoxious Nickelodeon shows like Game Shakers and Breadwinners. It’s about a family who care about each other. There’s no nastiness or tricks. No one gets their head shaved or raw meat thrown in their face. There’s no shouting or bodily fluids. Watching these shows has lowered my standards so much that it doesn’t take much to impress me, but I’m looking forward to seeing more of what The Loud House has to offer.



  1. Nope, can’t into this show. I don’t like the animation style. I don’t like these new age cartoons with noodle arms.

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