7 times Peppa Pig was savage AF in season 2

Who would have thought that a cartoon about the everyday life of a preschool pig would cause so much controversy? Apparently the show causes bad behaviour in children and inspires lust in middle-aged women, but it’s Peppa Pig’s sassy attitude that’s garnered attention online:

Tweet about Peppa Pig, savage af.

Yep, this little piggy can be a savage hog. Love her or hate her, here’s the top seven times Peppa unapologetically tells it like it is.

  1. The time she missed the start of a sports day race because she was arguing with Suzie Sheep about who could run faster. Her excuse? ‘I would have won if you hadn’t been talking to me.’ She didn’t get a prize that time, but she got a participation trophy for the tug of war later, so all was not lost. She also pigsplains the concept of a running race to Daddy Pig: ‘You must run really fast.’
  2. When Daddy Pig has to work on his birthday, Peppa spends the day baking him his favourite chocolate cake. ‘What a lot of candles!’ exclaims Daddy Pig. ‘That’s because you are very, very old, Daddy’ Peppa replies. Shots fired!
  3. When Daddy Pig plans to build a new toy cupboard, Peppa points out his previous shoddy handiwork: ‘But Daddy, the shelf you built is all wobbly. We use it as a slide for Teddy and Mr Dinosaur.’ Sick burn Peppa – wait until the man is excited about a project then dash his hopes!
  4. The time Peppa fat-shamed Daddy Pig at the swimming pool. His confidence was sky-high after being the only one able to swim underwater to rescue Richard Rabbit’s watering can from the bottom of the pool, but Peppa soon cut Daddy Pig down to size (no pun intended) when he approached the diving board: ‘Silly Daddy! Your tummy is too big!’ This time the joke’s on Peppa because Daddy Pig is actually a very good diver, despite his portly figure.
  5. Don’t forget when she tried to give Mr Dinosaur, her younger brother’s favourite toy, to the jumble sale. She then tried to give away Daddy Pig’s beloved TV and told him his slippers were too smelly to donate. Get wrecked, Daddy Pig!
  6. Even the older generation cannot escape Peppa’s caustic wit, like when Grandpa Pig is clearing out his attic. ‘What’s the attic?’ asks Peppa. ‘It’s where we keep our old things’ replies Grandpa. Peppa spots the opportunity and goes with it: ‘Like you, Grandpa Pig?’ Ohhhhh someone call the police because I’ve just witnessed a MURDER….
  7. Who can forget the time when Peppa fell out with best friend Suzie Sheep after Peppa (unfairly) accused her of cheating during a game of snap? Following Mummy Pig’s advice, Peppa phones up her ovine friend to apologise, ‘I’m sorry I said you cheated…’ Could it be a rare moment of humility for Peppa? Her eyes narrow, her voice dripping with malice, ‘…even though you DID CHEAT!’ It seems not.

I can see why this show would annoy parents if children picked up bad habits from it, but this list misses off the countless times when Peppa behaves admirably. Like when she loses the parent-child relay race because she spends so long congratulating Daddy Pig on his good performance that she forgets to run her half of the event.

There’s also loads of funny moments where I legitimately laughed out loud – check out the usually sensible Mummy Pig dancing to hit song ‘Birdie Birdie Woof Woof’. A comedic masterpiece! Plus the art style is adorable, so I can’t fault poor Peppa if she sometimes behaves like an unruly threenager.

Daddy Pig is often in Peppa’s firing line, but maybe he’s not as innocent as he seems. See the top 6 times Daddy Pig ruined everything in Peppa Pig season 2 and you’ll understand why Peppa feels the need to take him down a peg or two.



    • Glad you enjoyed it! I secretly like Peppa Pig, but I don’t have children so I’ve only ever had to watch it on my own terms!

      Any advice on which annoying kids’ show I should watch next?

  1. Ok but this is real. Peppa is rude af ALL THE TIME. I would love for you to read the mess out of Daniel Tiger’s pre-madonna ass too!

  2. Loved it! My mother introduced my son to Peppa Pig when he was two. A week into that little piglet and he was so polite – pleases and thank you’s all over the place.
    Although I do seem to remember him saying, ‘Daddy Pig is very silly,’ lots time times 😀

  3. This. Post. Is. Hilarious!!! I absolutely loved it, I never knew such a list was missing from my life but it was. Thank you so much for writing this… Peppa’s sass is one of a kind, and your post has highlighted this with incredible wit

    • Ah, that’s great to read! Thank you so much, I’m really glad you enjoyed it! When I’m feeling up to it I’ll have to watch season three so I can see what that naughty piglet gets up to next…

  4. I work with children and they absolutely adore Peppa Pig, I think the writers include these jokes for the sake of the parents who have to watch it all day long as they often go right over the children’s heads! This was such a good post though!

    Jess xx

  5. I never looked at Peppa Pig this way. Now that I read this, you are right. I do love watching the show, and thankfully, Peppa and family reminded me of letting my “threenager” enjoy muddy puddles, but now I see Peppa as a super-sassy girl. Great observations!

  6. Hilarious! I’m glad my days of watching Peppa Pig are behind me (my daughter is 8 now!) I never really had a problem with Peppa other than finding her a bit annoying, I know some parents who hate it though 😂

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