6 times Daddy Pig ruined everything in Peppa Pig season 2

Peppa Pig has gained a reputation for being sassy, and it’s usually long-suffering Daddy Pig who bears the brunt (or should that be grunt, hoho?) of Peppa’s tongue lashings. But is he always the innocent victim? He gets the family into scrapes so often, it’s no wonder Peppa’s obviously seething with resentment. Let’s take a look at the top six times Daddy Pig messed up in season 2.

  1. The time he ran out of petrol because he only wanted to buy ice lollies at the garage. This is not the behaviour of a responsible man. When the car inevitably breaks down because of this negligence Granddad Dog the mechanic has to tow the Pig family to safety. To be fair though Daddy Pig does go on to save the day, fixing Granddad Dog’s carwash by turning it off and on again.
  2. When Mummy Pig sneakily donates his manky old armchair to the jumble sale, no doubt in a desperate act of passive aggression, Daddy Pig doesn’t recognise it and thinks it’s a valuable antique. He buys it back for ‘lots of money’ even though it’s all torn and has attracted a buzzing swarm of flies. It says something that Mummy Pig is willing to give away Daddy’s prized possession without asking him about it. I’m sure she’s grown as weary of his antics as Peppa has.
  3. Who can forget when Delphine Donkey, Peppa’s French pen pal, sent the family a letter? Daddy Pig, self-professed expert in the French language, took one look at it and declared that it was ‘nonsense’, leaving it to Mummy Pig to translate. When Delphin and her family visit, Daddy Pig’s ignorance is revealed when he doesn’t understand a word Daddy Donkey is saying. But then they all enjoy the universal language of jumping up and down in muddy puddles – Tout est bien qui finit bien.
  4. The time when he got Grandpa Pig’s boat stuck in some long reeds. He had to get out and push the boat free, but got left behind when it started to move. Mummy Pig was steering the boat away without a care in the world, probably pretending not to hear her husband’s cries for help as she leaves him for dead.
  5. When Grandpa and Granny Pig’s parrot escapes up a tree, Daddy Pig climbs up to get her but only succeeds in scaring her further away. ‘Be careful Daddy!’ cries Peppa helpfully, ‘don’t fall out of the tree like you always do!’ His phone rings and the vibrations shake him off his branch – it’s Granny Pig wanting to speak to the parrot. It must run in the family.
  6. The time it was so foggy he got the family lost in their own garden. ‘I know exactly where we are!’ he asserts, before walking straight into a tree, then into a pond. ‘Daddy Pig has found the duck pond’ says the narrator drily. Daddy Pig is not nearly so dry! And he’s not even safe from disembodied voices sarcastically mocking him.

So Daddy Pig is certainly not perfect when it comes to family life. He has a can-do attitude, but his over-confidence can often be his downfall. Despite this he’s often treated unfairly by Peppa and Mummy Pig. The verdict is still out in the case of Pig v Pig, but luckily there’s two more seasons of evidence to consider…



  1. My little sister used to watch this when she was little. Had the toys, books, dvds and would watch the show. Love how detailed you are with your description of him. I know this show has been in the media a lot as behaviours in the show are deemed unhealthy for kids. Thanks for sharing

  2. I discovered Peppa Pig a few years ago when my daughter was home from college for summer break. We stumbled across it while flipping through the hundreds of channels provided us by our cable company and we just stared at it a few moments, not quite sure what we were watching. Well, it turns out we both love the dry humor, the soft, comfy drawings, the cuddly characters (all funny in their own ways), and the delightfully satisfying plotlines. Each episode was like getting to guiltily enjoy a Rice Krispy treat when no one was looking.

    We watched it obsessively all that summer and then sporadically when we could when she returned to college. I haven’t watched it in over a year, but I still think back fondly on that wonderful show!

    Thank you for this trip down memory lane!

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