The versatile blogger award

Versatile Blogger Award. Contains toes and a weird thumb!

The awards are coming in thick and fast! This time Oddball Content has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Cooking with Kids. It’s a way of getting to know the person behind the the blog by listing seven interesting facts about yourself, and nominating fifteen other bloggers to do the same.

Oddball Content has also been nominated for two awards in the past, so check those out to learn more about the mastermind (!) behind the blog:

Seven facts about me

1. I’m addicted to evening classes

In the past five years I have done evening classes in:

  • Japanese
  • British Sign Language
  • Pottery
  • Yoga
  • Singing
  • Hula hooping
  • Creative writing
  • Script writing
  • Film editing

Phew! I like to keep busy and take up new hobbies, I just want to try everything.

2. I love comedy

My favourite TV programmes are:

If it has good dialogue and I can relate then I’m a fan. But if you’ve seen any of these shows you’ll realise it might not be the best thing that I see myself in lots of the characters…

3. I volunteer at a hospital radio station

This is a new hobby that I’ve only been doing for a few weeks, but I’m very excited about it. At the moment I just press buttons to make the right songs play at the right time and I say a few sentences, but it’s still a thrill to be live on air. Soon I hope to record a series of documentary programmes that the station can play when I’m not there.

4. The only part of my body that’s flexible is my right thumb

I can flop my hand forward and pull my thumb towards my arm so it touches. What a talent!

Girl with flexible thumb pulling thumb forward so it touches arm.


5. I have meditated every day for almost four months

I’ve been meditating on and off using the Headspace app for over five years, but this is the longest I’ve ever gone without missing a day.

6. I have a masters degree in corporate communication

I studied for a couple of years alongside full-time work to get this qualification. It involved conducting research into fun things like professional video game tournaments and the Harambe meme. It’s an ambition of mine to get some of this work published in an academic journal.

7. I can wiggle my little toes without wiggling my other toes

I might as well join the circus:

My nominees

  1.  Bournemouth Girl
  2.  Travelling Wanderer
  3. This Way and That Way
  4. I Dream of Clothes
  5. Corporate Style Story
  6. Millennial Mom Confessions
  7. Mom’s Cafe
  8. L Talks Life
  9. Sophie Whitham
  10. Jimmothy
  11. All Things Pops
  12. Louloulouisey Lifestyle
  13. The Science Behind Beauty
  14. Citrus and Cinnamon
  15. Just Brave Enough


  1. These posts are so much fun to read! Looks like you’ve got some pretty interesting things you can do, haha. That radio fact is pretty cool, I bet it is pretty exciting you are live and speaking – I’d be worried about getting my words muddled up haha.


  2. I love Peep Show & Alan Partridge! These are my favourite comedies 😄. Wow, you have done a lot of classes, that’s so cool you have learned such a variety of different things! A radio show is awesome! Is your radio station like Alans’ North Norfolk Radio? 😝 Great post! xx

    Bexa |

  3. I honestly loved reading theses facts! Especially the one of all your evening classes. You mentioned some I didn’t even know existed and also I can tell you’re a very creative person 😊💗

  4. Great post, I’ve been meaning to look up some singing lessons for a while. Do they help much? I’ve heard they can, but at the same time it’s always seemed like a “you either got it or you don’t” kinda thing.

  5. Great post, i’ve never heard of Bojack Horseman but if it’s along the lines of the other programmes you mentioned then i’d definitely enjoy it. I can’t believe you find time to blog with all of the other hobbies you’ve mentioned. Good luck with the hospital radio, I bet it’s good fun 😊

    • Most of the hobbies were just short-term courses, so I don’t do them all at the moment. Just radio, scriptwriting and blog!

      Bojack Horseman is a cartoon on Netflix about a depressed horse. It’s very funny and real. It’s probably my favourite programme! 🐴

  6. Laughed too much when you showed us the wiggling smoll toe😂 Also tried the thumb thing and I think I can do it too!

    Did you find learning Japanese difficult?

    • Wow, send me a picture of your thumb – we should start #BendyThumbChallenge!

      I only did a ten-week Japanese course so I didn’t actually learn that much, just basic phrases that I’ve almost all forgotten now. It wasn’t that difficult, but I didn’t try to do anything advanced.

  7. I’d love to do some evening classes but just don’t have the money – it’s such a shame.

    Do you have any others you’d like to do in the future?

    Also great taste in comedy, British comedy is always the best. Steve Coogan is a genius.

    • That is a shame, what classes would you do?

      I’d like to do classes in Photoshop and journalism – I did sign up for them recently but there weren’t enough people interested so they never ran! I’d like to take more classes in anything to do with media, communications, journalism and writing.

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