Which Friends character dates the most in season one?

Which character dates the most in Friends season 1? It’s not who you think!

An infographic listing all the main Friends characters, who they date in season one of Friends, and a graph showing which Friend dates the most out of Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Rachel and Monica.

Now that we’ve explored how the Friends universe differs from our own in mind-boggling ways, the next obvious questions to ask are ‘who do all the Friends characters date?’, and ‘which Friends character dates the most?’. After weeks of painstaking research with precision instruments, science finally has an answer.

It might surprise you that womaniser Joey, although the most dateable out of the guys, does not go on dates with as many people as Monica and Rachel do in season one of Friends.

I wouldn’t have thought that Monica dated the most people, although she does want a husband and a baby so I guess it makes sense.

Note that this ranking is based on who dates the most people and is not based on how many dates they go on or on the longevity, seriousness or intensity of the relationship. It only includes characters who are seen on screen and who dated during season one. So, for example, it doesn’t include Ross dating Carol, because that happened before the series began.

I will continue this culturally important endeavour in the coming seasons, to see if the ranking changes over time. My research grant is surely in the post.

Did this surprise you? And which of the Friends’ partners was your favourite?



  1. Yes, this was definitely a surprise to me. I would have put all my money on Joey. Sadly, I would have lost all of that money.

    As a man, I am not allowed to admit amongst my various groups of male friends that I enjoy watching Friends. In fact, I enjoy it a lot. My favorite character is, of course, Chandler (aka Mrs. Chanandeler Bong). He is my spirit animal and in social situations I find that I am like him in so many ways. He has a very unique blend of confidence and anti-confidence. In fact, I often find myself slipping into his persona and quoting something he said on the show or saying something in his style. People just stare at me blankly, of course, which really just reinforces my whole “Chandler being socially awkward” schtick.

    Great post! I can’t wait to read more!

  2. They always talk about how Joey is a womanizer, but you rarely actually see him date. I guessed Rachel or Monica before reading, woot!! Or maybe I should be worried about how well I know friends…

    • You’re a true Friends fan! I’m interested to see if the order changes in later seasons when they all start settling down but Joey is still single. Keep an eye out for lots more blog posts about the topic!

  3. I bloody love friends. I can pretty much say it all word for word. Been watching it for years, also have the boxset on dvd and video tape 😂 so a long time. I love posts about the show. Love knowing there is another friends lover out there. Thank you for sharing! Xx

  4. Would love to see how the dating changes through the seasons!
    I definitely WOULDNT have expected Monica was the character who dated the most at all! I didnt feel like she dated very many people! Hands down would have asumed Joey would have dated the most, “how u doinnn?”

  5. He can amuse you any time, day, hour, beat, situation with his wit, jokes and awesome answers. He is the guy, who can even pull-off a knock-knock joke and he is the guy who is still counted as the funny one, while sharing the stage with Joey Tribbiani – who himself is one unique creation on the show.

  6. No…. It actually didn’t surprise me at all. I actually whispered Monica to myself before I even began reading it. Know why? It’s because back in Season 1, the creators intended Joey and Monica to be the centre of attraction and the most ‘happening’ couple of the show. So I knew that Monica would be the one…. P.S.:- I’m glad they didn’t go through their decision later!

    Interesting read! You can be assured that I’ll be back for more! 🙂

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