Which character dates the most in Friends season 3? (And you’ll never guess who dates the least!)

Which Friend dates the most_ Season 3 (1)

The data has been analysed, all phalanges have been transponsted, and the results are in from the latest scientific research into which Friends character dates the most. This data set concerns season three of the hit sitcom, but you can see the figures from previous seasons here:

These latest results change the rankings in the dating league table, with Phoebe sliding into third place while the boys all linger at the back of the pack:

Friends dates 1-3

Phoebe is by far the most dateable this season, sowing her wild oats and at one point juggling two men at once with sensitive Jason and tough Vince. She and Ross are the only characters to date more people than they did in the previous season, with Rachel dating fewer and the others remaining steady. Joey continues his trend of not dating very much despite his Lothario reputation, but he’s still dated more people than Ross and Chandler, who tend to date the same women over multiple seasons (Rachel and Janice respectively).

The ‘total’ figures in the chart above take into account that some characters date the same people in multiple seasons. For example, Chandler dates Janice in seasons one and two, so that counts as one for season one and one for season two, but still a total of one because Janice is only one person.

As always, this ranking is based on who dates the most people and is not based on how many dates they go on or on the longevity, seriousness or intensity of the relationship. It only includes characters who are seen on screen.

Did these changes surprise you? Who is your favourite Friends love interest?

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  1. I’m loving these posts! I can’t wait until you get to season 10 to find out who dates the most!

    Em ~ thisisemsworld.com

  2. I think my favorite live interest was Mike. Partially because I love Paul Rudd but partially because somebody got Phoebe to settle down!! And if it couldn’t be Joey, I’m glad it was him lol

  3. I’ve never thought about the difference between how many people each characters dates. Also it is surprising that Joey dates the least amount of people this season!

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