Which character dates the most in Friends season 4? (And who doesn’t date at all??)

Which Friend dates the most_ Season 4 (2)

My research team has been hard at work using the most finely tuned precision instruments to answer one of the most anticipated questions of our generation: Which Friends character dates the most in season four? You can see the figures from previous seasons here:

The surprise leader this season is Chandler, who is no doubt sowing his wild oats before settling down with Monica.

At the other end of the scale Phoebe is pregnant with her brother’s triplets (typical Phoebe…) so she’s off the market and goes on precisely zero dates. That makes the first time a Friends character has gone an entire season without a date – take a look at the links above to verify this important fact.

Let’s see how season four affects the overall dating trends:

Friends dates 1-4

Joey once again fails to live up to his womanising reputation and falls to the back of the pack, now officially dating the least out of all the Friends characters. He’s even bested by  Phoebe, despite her season of celibacy. Joey just seems like a lost cause at this stage, but there’s still six seasons to go so there’s still everything to play for – don’t lose hope Joey!

Ross and Chandler are seeing steady increases season by season, moving from last place in season three to a comfortable spot in the middle. But now Chandler and Monica are a couple their totals will no doubt remain constant for the rest of the show, leaving room for Ross and Phoebe to rise up the ranks.

The ‘total’ figures in the chart above take into account that some characters date the same people in multiple seasons. For example, Chandler dates Janice in seasons one and two, so that counts as one for season one and one for season two, but still a total of one because Janice is only one person.

As always, this ranking is based on who dates the most people and is not based on how many dates they go on or on the longevity, seriousness or intensity of the relationship. It only includes characters who are seen on screen, which is particularly important for this season as Ross dates two unseen characters – a fun woman two and a half hours away, and a less fun, possibly racist, woman close to home. Sorry Ross – I can’t include them! I don’t make the rules…

Did these changes surprise you? Who is your favourite Friends love interest?

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  1. Aww poor Pheobe! I love her and mike together though. Love how the end Pheobes story! I love your friends posts, been loving friends for over 18 years! So nice to see more people liking it! Xx


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