Phoebe is the ultimate worst Friends character ever

Phoebe has always been something of the odd friend out – in every way. The other characters either go way back, live together or are related though blood or marriage, but Phoebe’s just sort of… there. She’s known for her quirky fashion sense and carefree attitude to life, but Phoebe is often rude, selfish and just plain mean. Don’t believe me? Well, here are some of Phoebe’s worst moments so you can judge for yourself:

  1. She wants to keep her brother’s baby

Phoebe memorably gives birth to her brother’s triplets – like you do. (Don’t worry, she was just a surrogate mother. She’s not THAT weird). But while in labour she considers asking her brother if she can keep one of the babies. Poor old Rachel has to make the ask (thankfully the answer is no), but a few years later when Rachel is in labour Phoebe describes the miracle of birth as a ‘snooze-fest’. What on earth was Phoebe thinking?

  1. She ruins the most important moments of Chandler and Monica’s relationship

In a monumental act of selfishness Phoebe crashes Chandler and Monica’s anniversary trip to Las Vegas, turning what was meant to be a romantic getaway into a friends’ road trip. On the night of their engagement she also camps outside their room playing guitar incessantly until they let her play music at the wedding. What’s more, Phoebe frequently belittles their relationship, even after they’re married, often suggesting that Monica can find a better man. What a great friend!

  1. She lies to, then gaslights, a man in hospital so she can date him

When Rachel is giving birth in a gruelling two-day labour, Phoebe decides it’s the perfect time to make Joey impersonate a doctor to get personal information on a handsome patient she’s got her eye on. Both illegal and immoral, she stoops to new lows and tells the patient he’s crazy when he figures out Joey is not a real doctor. As if being in hospital with a broken leg isn’t bad enough, he now has to put up with Phoebe’s nonsense. Needless to say, he’s having none of it.

  1. She impersonates a child’s parent to enter a school and meet Sting

When Phoebe finds out that Ross’ son Ben goes to the same school as Sting’s son, she violates the trust and safety of all involved and pretends to be Ben’s mother so she can meet Sting and get free concert tickets. Of course, she ends up with a restraining order. Oh Phoebe…

These are just a few example of times Phoebe has lied, broken the law, manipulated people and been a general nuisance. While it’s true that she’s had a very difficult life, this is no excuse for her outlandish and upsetting behaviour. Almost every episode has a Phoebe moment that has us rolling our eyes – we can’t take it anymore!

Do you agree? Or are you a Phoebe phan? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I used to be a big Phoebe fan but reading this has made me realise how problematic she really is. The whole thing with her carrying her brothers babies always irked me out anyway!

  2. Hahahah! I love phoebe, yea she’s kind of weird, but she does give me a good laugh! I do understand what you’re saying though!

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